And she continues…!

Today the clouds had been flirting with each other for hours, and right when I decided to go outside a deluge fell upon me. Luckily I was sweaty and gross, so it felt wonderful.

I went to the rec center today, which may be where I go from now on to do my work outs. Although their conservative dress code is a bit asinine (t-shirts and exercise shorts/yoga pants and proper shoes only for both sexes…no tank tops whatsoever) I can understand that the center doesn’t necessarily want girls wearing bras and booty shorts everywhere, with guys wearing no shirts. Still, I really prefer wearing tank tops over all the unflattering t-shirts I own haha.

I did a wonderful work out on the elliptical there, which was a bit different than the one I’m used to in the basement of my apartment. Moved down to 30 minutes on it versus 45, followed by 15 minutes of machines to work on my arms, legs, and abs. A big reason I like the rec center so much is because of their various machines. The complex only has one for weight training.

I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with blogs, so I apologize for the loooong delay. I haven’t given up though! I weighed in at 157.8 yesterday–would have been more but Weight Watchers yelled at me the previous week on “losing too much too fast”, so I changed up my routine more: a little less cardio and a little more weight training. When I do cardio for over 30 minutes, my appetite dies for like…six hours. So, 30 minutes at least every other day is the way to go!


Oops! Meniscus!

Well I broke down and went to the doctor this morning, as my knee has not been improving. Even using the elliptical has been a little hard the past few days, and yesterday I couldn’t do my usual work out on it. Probably shouldn’t have been working out at all.

Seems as though I tore my meniscus for the second time, but it is so minor that simply bracing it and resting it should do the trick (just like before as well). I am required 72 hours without any physical activity that involves stress on my legs, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop working out. I am cleared for abs and upper body work outs, so I will do those tomorrow! Won’t be the same as a good sweaty elliptical run, but I am sure it will be just fine.

Once this knee issue is cleared, I am definitely going to research inner knee strengthening exercises. I have NEVER had strong knees, and could benefit from this since I still really would enjoy running outside when I get to that point. New goal in life is to get back outside! It’s too nice out to run in a windowless apartment basement haha!

I am now down between 160.5 and 161.4 lbs, it keeps fluctuating. Hopefully the “sit and do nothing” days won’t impact the weight loss, but my dedication to weight watchers hasĀ  been pretty intense.

Day Nine

Sushi day has come upon us, and what terrible weather! Cold, rainy, and very humid…I walked to the pharmacy earlier and my hair turned into an afro. Luckily, it is supposed to warm up soon.

Jeni and I went our separate ways for cardio, which will have to be how it goes for a while as I nurse this knee injury. I did 45 minutes relatively hard on the elliptical, and am DRIPPING sweat. Feels absolutely great and I am so excited for tonight’s outing. We decided that next weeks treat will be the Cheescake Factory (where we will split a cheesecake of course!) Then, when I go home the following week we’ll see how it goes. I am always tempted to binge at home and this time I will be putting up restraint.

When she comes home from her run we will do some strength exercises, and that will be it for today! Yay sushi dinner! My motivation is still sky high, even with the hitch of being unable to run outside until I am stronger in the legs. At least I am steadily losing though, as I weighed in at 161.7 this morning.

I just have to keep on trucking!

Day 7

Yesterday was a good rest day, but a bad day beyond that. School issues broke my mood a bit and so I spent most of my time kind of wallowing. However my boyfriend and I went up and got Ibuprofen, an ace wrap, and Bengay for my leg/knee and they almost instantly felt better.

Today I worked on the elliptical due to some time constraints and the fact that my knee and shin were still a little too tender to hit the trails again. 30 minutes at a high intensity felt great, and my legs feel amazing. Tomorrow I’ll be attempting another run outside, but if it goes sour again I may have to go back to the elliptical until my inner legs are stronger. I had these problems in track, and I don’t quite know why I didn’t realize it until now, haha.

Motivation is skyrocketing though. I tried on a pair of high boots and they fit my calf, and I weighed in at 162.5 this morning. Since April 21, I’ve lost 6 pounds…which hopefully continues to drop as I keep exercising and eating well!

Day Five – Post run thoughts

I feel like today, especially this, needed to happen.

I ignored pain in my calves and knees as I was running, and ended up hobbling a mile and a half back home, feeling pretty defeated. However where I would normally abandon my hopes of ever running again, I have too much planned to give up (namely running with speed and ease for miles)

Yes I hurt. Yes, it’s hard to flex my foot and I can’t get up out of my chair…and I don’t particularly feel like making my reward pizza (tomorrow for lunch maybe) but this happens. Every runner has had shin splints in the beginning, and every runner’s knees have acted up at one point or another.

The hardest part is almost always the beginning for just about everything. Eating better, working out, you name it. Today I ran further than I have yet, but was unable to finish. Thursday is my next running day and I may not be entirely recovered by then, but I will still do it. I am doing this for everyone. For my sister, for my roommate and boyfriend (who have been extremely supportive), for my mom, my family, friends, and above all–myself.

Gotta keep motivated and positive through the pain.

Day Five – Pre Run thoughts

I woke up to a beautiful 65 degrees and sunny, and most likely will wake up on Thursday to snow on the ground. The jet stream is just NOT in favor of Minnesota this spring…

This evening when Jeni comes home, we are going out on a easier run, since we came to the conclusion that of the five days we are running we need some easier workouts to keep physically motivated. It’s a little funny though because I’m still going to give it my all, because my “slow” is still my fastest at the moment. Again though, speed will come in time. I need to repeat that like a mantra.

I am a little nervous today for this, I keep drinking water to keep hydrated. My breakfast wasn’t very good…I realized that PLAIN Greek Yogurt doesn’t really taste good even when paired with a banana and flaxseed meal. Tomorrow, I definitely will be eating the vanilla flavored yogurt. Besides this, I’m still sore along the inner calf muscle. They loosen when I walk, so maybe I should do a little longer warm up.

Despite all this though, despite nerves, I am pumped. I am ready for this, I want to attack the trail like a tiger and work on my endurance. Endurance, distance, then speed. If I feel up to it tonight, I will throw in some core exercises with my stability ball. Won’t use the DVD it came with, Pinterest has left me with more than enough work outs for the thing, haha!

My reward tonight will be in two fold. One is that I am one workout closer to our Sushi dinner on Saturday (she has been teaching me how to save money and use restaurants/take out as treats and not “Oh God I’m too lazy to cook” fall backs). Second is that I am going to make a skinny girl pizza! I have Italian sandwich wraps for crust, cheese, sauce, and mushrooms all waiting for me. Yum! I will report how well that goes.

Day Four

I started this blog a little later than I anticipated, as I’ve been working out all weekend. It’s beautiful in Minneapolis and has been the perfect temperature to go hit the trails. Jeni and I go across the pedestrian bridge over the Mississippi, and up into the Gold Medal park right next to the Guthrie Theatre. On the bridge, I run half way, stop and walk, and then finish the bridge path for another walking period. My goal for the next few weeks is to run across the bridge full on without stopping.

In the park is a large hill with a spiral path around it. On day one I ran up it with little problem, but on day two it was a little harder due to dehydration. Yesterday, I ran up it without stopping. Trotted once or twice, but kept moving and made it to the top.

We then do glute exercises, hamstring/quad, and bicycles for a while. I am thinking about suggesting some meditation and yoga be added to the mix, but I don’t know enough yoga to do it on my own. Anything that will help my breathing cadence improve is ideal.

We then do intervals back across the bridge, and walk back to the apartment. She has been great with the encouragement, cheering me on despite how miserably slow I am. Seriously, I think a child can walk faster than I can run but hey. At least I’m moving.

I weighed in at 164.7 yesterday morning, which is an improvement.

Today is a rest day, meaning tomorrow we will go for another run in the evening. I am very sore and feeling as though the dreaded shin splints are coming back, but I’m lying low for the evening so hopefully tomorrow, I run even better than I did yesterday.

She said we’ll have a new running path as well, so we’ll see how I do that! I guess stairs are involved. Those are my nemesis…